A changed friend

My dear friend, you have changed.
Your voice seems to have lost its melody,
it sounds so pale.
As if a Punjabi party song is played
on a D-minor scale.

My dear friend, you have changed.
You used to share how you spent your day and I listened peacefully to reduce your burden.
All I wanted to see you fly.
Now most of the times you’re not in a mood to talk, to my 100 words message,
a small Yes or No is your reply.

My dear friend, you have changed.
I hardly remember our last outing, was it a dinner or a trip?
It’s been a long time span.
I want to see you in person, share chocolates with you, but every time I ask!!
I hear, “Sorry!! But I already have a plan.”

My dear friend, you have changed.
Is this for real or I’m having a bad dream.
You are by my side but it doesn’t feel like we’re a team.

My dear friend, you have changed.
In-fact you were changing everyday when we were together.
Back then I knew where this change is coming from,
so that change didn’t have much of an effect.
And now we see each other after such a huge time gap,
I don’t have a link which leads to this new version of you,
may be that’s the reason now that our hearts don’t connect.



I was so passionate about something,
But for some reason, I felt so shy.
I dreamed to be the best in that field,
But I was below average, I won’t lie.
It felt bad, my confidence was shattered,
Will my low life ever see a new high?
I wanted to see success without leaving my comfort zone,
But I knew, “You do not achieve anything untill you work till your sweat turns dry.”
I felt agitated, I felt that never ending pain,
Yes I’m a boy but on some cold nights I did cry.
I’ve learned not to lose hope, as its the only permanent,
And I know dreams will come true,
all I need to do is keep pushing my limits, keep grinding, be fearless and just give it a try.


Multiple plates of iron and steel
are heated and merged to form a single piece.
Heated and hammered again and again
until we get the desired shape.
Just like you can’t clap with one single hand,
You can’t hammer that piece without Anvil’s support.
Once we get the desired length,
It’s time to increase its strength.
The sword must never bite the dust,
For that heat treating it in oil is must.
After this, the sword is now hard and tough.
Time to sharpen its blade, as it can’t be rough.
Now we attach a handle and a guard
so the blade doesn’t cut our hand apart.
Do ensure its flexibility and balance,
They must be easy to wield in common parlance.

You too are just like a sword.
A combined mixture with different layers.
Keep working on (Hammer) yourself to stay in the desired shape.
Your friends are here for support (Anvil), helping you escape.
For a sword to get its strength it’s repeatedly heated and cooled.
Learn to accept both good and bad, and you won’t ever be fooled.
Keep removing the negative thoughts and feelings to shine bright.
Remember to put a guard, as you may turn blind if there’s too much light.
Just like a sword try to ensure flexibility and balance.
Do it all right and you’ll enjoy the sword’s (life’s) dance.

Burden of a favour

When times are tough, there’s no source of finance.
It feels as if there ain’t even slither of a chance.
We feel so helpless, in dire need of guidance.
Getting back up feels difficult without someone’s assistance.

So do we keep asking for help on the go?
We work on it our-self, to ‘help’ we say no.
As movement of problems is like ‘to and fro‘.
You’ll learn to handle them, after-all you’re a pro.

Beware of the consequences when you ask for a favour.
As no matter how persistent is your endeavour,
If you’re unable to return that favour,
you may as well see their changed behaviour.
So as long as possible avoid asking for any kind of favour,
As the bad times may pass by but the burden stays forever.


Exams are too far away, the studies can wait.
A piece of paper can’t decide my fate.
For the meeting I’m sure, I won’t be late.
Rather than a small discussion I’ll prefer to meet my mate.

Why to spend money for a watchman on the gate.
Thieves can still steal, using someone as a bait.
I’ll eat junk food, no matter how high is the rate.
There’ll always be enough money to have food on my plate.

You often rush in PUBG, that’s a common trait.
I’ll wipe that squad out and loot their crates.
So what if corona is spreading, my company can operate.
Corona can’t catch me, to feed my stomach I have to migrate.

Be careful my friends, respect the current climate.
These rules are for your own good, please don’t violate.
Before you take any decision, always verify and validate.
And never be over confident, or in the end you’ll suffocate.

Small is Big

In your mind, you may have a lot of ideas.
Some may be small, others may be gigantic.
Ideas maybe be diversified in a lot of areas.
Some may simplify your life, others may make it hectic.

Ideas are abundant, to them there’s no limit.
Actions should support you words, if you really mean it.
It really needs guts to have big goals, to dream.
You may have to endure a lot of pain, no wail, no scream.

To achieve that objective we give out our heart and soul.
As if nothing shall remain, if we’re unable achieve that goal.
We start to ignore all tiny aspects, just to get what we want.
Apart from some cheers, everything else sounds a taunt.

But in this process of dreaming big, we often tend to forget.
To focus on those small things and later we have regrets.
Before we sow seeds for those tall trees to grow, land we must dig.
Pay attention on every small task, you’ll surely achieve something big.

Revenge – Is it required ?

There may be times when you feel so stuck.
You try your best, but you have no luck.
You do good deeds but get nothing in return.
You may lose your calm, your heart may start to burn.
You get angry on the person who caused you this pain.
Your heart filled with feelings of revenge, a vicious chain.
The nights are no more calm, so dark are the days.
Only thoughts in your mind, “I’ll make him pay.”
You want to hurt them, you want them to suffer the same loss.
You want sheer dominance, to show them who’s the real boss.
Let’s assume you’re able to do so, your evil plans succeed.
But what changes will these actions bring? How will your life proceed?

After taking revenge will things be the same as they were before ?
You’ll lose all your positive vibes and won’t be the same person anymore.
So if someone does you wrong, ignore them and move out of their way.
As people in your life will come and go, not everyone you meet is meant to stay.

Fear and Future

Often we are attracted towards some people.
We hesitate to approach them, our mind is unclear.
Initiating a talk’, can’t this process be a little more simple?
Of course it can! All you’ve got to do is overcome this fear.

There will be hard times, life can’t always be merry.
At times there’ll be hugs like in ‘Winnie the pooh’
At times there will be fights as in ‘Tom and Jerry’
You can’t enjoy a cake, if you constantly think of that stolen cherry.
When you overthink about the future, you’ll surely find it blurry.

Be frank, be confident and express what you feel.
Be in the now, be true, I ensure that you’ll enjoy every meal.


Samosa is incomplete without chatni(sauce).
Pizza is incomplete without cheese.
Pav Bhaji is incomplete without butter.
Jeera-rice is incomplete without dal fry.
Manchow soup is incomplete without fried noodles.
Dabeli is incomplete without masala peanuts.
Fafda is incomplete without Jalebi.
Idli is incomplete without sambhar.
Medu vada is incomplete without rassam.
Vada pav is incomplete without sukha(dry) chatni.
French fries are incomplete without ketchup.
Khichdi is incomplete without chaas(butter-milk).
Gulab jamun is incomplete without chasni.
A Cup of tea is incomplete without sugar.
Summers are incomplete without nimbu pani(lemonade).
Winters are incomplete without hot chocolate.

No there won’t be anything romantic here now.
I won’t write,”I am incomplete without you“.
All these food are so yummy and tasty
But if even one thing is missing you’ll not get that feel.
So be aatmanirbhar (self dependent) just like a Thepla
This dish is not dependent on anything
You can have it with multiple things,
even if there’s nothing among these available,
you can always eat it as it is,
still it tastes delicious.
So be like a Thepla,
Do not depend upon anyone for anything,
Earn yourself, take care of your own health, cook yourself
Learn through your own experiences
and never ever forget to love yourself.

A Comb

From the time of your first breath, outside your mother’s womb.
Till the time you take your last one and your body’s buried in a tomb.
You’ll always need to set your hair, with the help of a comb.

Base of this comb is a shaft
made up of two thick ends,
which holds rows of teeth having different sizes,
some of them are sturdy while some may just bend.

Combs come in different sizes, some are small while some are big
They consist of rows of teeth, some are so thin while some a bit thick.
The thick ones are to untangle and to take proper care,
While the thin ones are to clean up and to style your hair.

The comb’s structure represents the journey of our life,
Birth and Death being the two ends of this shaft.
The teeth being your friends, foes, family and wife
Thick and thin rows, just like two sided paddles, used to run a raft.

Whenever it feels like things aren’t working out,
Your heart emits  just judgments and doubts
Be like those rows whose teeth are thick,
Do it in time before the problem gets big,
Stay away from people, give yourself some space,
Or you may feel low and that reflects on your face.

Whenever things are OK, but you want to improve,
Feel the Euphoria, you want to dance, you want to groove.
Remember those rows whose teeth are so thin,
Come close to your friends, it’s always a win-win
Be kind, be generous and initiate the talk,
Not just trips and brunches, but even those small walks.
Stay close to good people, as they design your lifestyle.
They expect nothing from you, always greet them with a smile.

Each and every one that you meet is like a teeth of this comb,
Using those thick rows,
untangle those hypocrites who create burden,
And by using those thin rows,
style and mold your life by coming close to Influencers.