Small is Big

In your mind, you may have a lot of ideas.
Some may be small, others may be gigantic.
Ideas maybe be diversified in a lot of areas.
Some may simplify your life, others may make it hectic.

Ideas are abundant, to them there’s no limit.
Actions should support you words, if you really mean it.
It really needs guts to have big goals, to dream.
You may have to endure a lot of pain, no wail, no scream.

To achieve that objective we give out our heart and soul.
As if nothing shall remain, if we’re unable achieve that goal.
We start to ignore all tiny aspects, just to get what we want.
Apart from some cheers, everything else sounds a taunt.

But in this process of dreaming big, we often tend to forget.
To focus on those small things and later we have regrets.
Before we sow seeds for those tall trees to grow, land we must dig.
Pay attention on every small task, you’ll surely achieve something big.


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