Exams are too far away, the studies can wait.
A piece of paper can’t decide my fate.
For the meeting I’m sure, I won’t be late.
Rather than a small discussion I’ll prefer to meet my mate.

Why to spend money for a watchman on the gate.
Thieves can still steal, using someone as a bait.
I’ll eat junk food, no matter how high is the rate.
There’ll always be enough money to have food on my plate.

You often rush in PUBG, that’s a common trait.
I’ll wipe that squad out and loot their crates.
So what if corona is spreading, my company can operate.
Corona can’t catch me, to feed my stomach I have to migrate.

Be careful my friends, respect the current climate.
These rules are for your own good, please don’t violate.
Before you take any decision, always verify and validate.
And never be over confident, or in the end you’ll suffocate.


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