Revenge – Is it required ?

There may be times when you feel so stuck.
You try your best, but you have no luck.
You do good deeds but get nothing in return.
You may lose your calm, your heart may start to burn.
You get angry on the person who caused you this pain.
Your heart filled with feelings of revenge, a vicious chain.
The nights are no more calm, so dark are the days.
Only thoughts in your mind, “I’ll make him pay.”
You want to hurt them, you want them to suffer the same loss.
You want sheer dominance, to show them who’s the real boss.
Let’s assume you’re able to do so, your evil plans succeed.
But what changes will these actions bring? How will your life proceed?

After taking revenge will things be the same as they were before ?
You’ll lose all your positive vibes and won’t be the same person anymore.
So if someone does you wrong, ignore them and move out of their way.
As people in your life will come and go, not everyone you meet is meant to stay.


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