Multiple plates of iron and steel
are heated and merged to form a single piece.
Heated and hammered again and again
until we get the desired shape.
Just like you can’t clap with one single hand,
You can’t hammer that piece without Anvil’s support.
Once we get the desired length,
It’s time to increase its strength.
The sword must never bite the dust,
For that heat treating it in oil is must.
After this, the sword is now hard and tough.
Time to sharpen its blade, as it can’t be rough.
Now we attach a handle and a guard
so the blade doesn’t cut our hand apart.
Do ensure its flexibility and balance,
They must be easy to wield in common parlance.

You too are just like a sword.
A combined mixture with different layers.
Keep working on (Hammer) yourself to stay in the desired shape.
Your friends are here for support (Anvil), helping you escape.
For a sword to get its strength it’s repeatedly heated and cooled.
Learn to accept both good and bad, and you won’t ever be fooled.
Keep removing the negative thoughts and feelings to shine bright.
Remember to put a guard, as you may turn blind if there’s too much light.
Just like a sword try to ensure flexibility and balance.
Do it all right and you’ll enjoy the sword’s (life’s) dance.


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