What would you do?

Siblings often are involved in fights, most common reason being food. Whenever our Mom brings only one portion of snack, it’s over. There’s no way you’ll be able to stop the fight. Both the siblings fight for the larger portion, not because they are too hungry but because they just want to win, show their dominance like, “Tadaa!! I won, I am superior.” It’s selfishness, but at a very small level as even after these fights, there is still love for each other.

When it comes to boys and cricket, it’s a completely different ball game. If they go out in the open to play cricket, one thing always stays in their mind,”I am a good player, I need both, batting and bowling.” Inferiority complex comes into picture if they do not get to bat as well as bowl. Their ego gets hurt and many a times other team mates who are better than that particular individual allow them to bat as well as bowl before them as they value their friendship. This act of always demanding for batting and bowling too is selfish and often times results in team’s loss.

Many a times employees act too sweet infront of their bosses, not because they have respect or they are inspired by their boss but because they want to get promoted to a better post in the corporate ladder and be better than other employees in the eyes of their boss. In doing so they often tend to forget even the basic corporate or business ethics. This act is selfish as here, not only do you think of your own good but at the same time you’re stopping someone else’s growth who might be better at work than you.

Similarly many a times we are hurt by various acts of multiple people, especially acts of people who are very close to us, our parents, close friends and the ones we love unconditionally. This damage at times maybe so high that we are no longer able to hold it. We break down, we cry, our dreams are shattered and there is no goal left. So what do we do? As we were hurt once, we feel as if we have a right to hurt anyone and everyone that comes in our lives. I know it may be difficult but don’t do this mistake, this may hurt one more pure soul like yours was a while ago.

Here I won’t give a solution as I don’t have one. You my friends, my lovely readers, what will you do in such situations to get back to normal without hurting anyone? Do share it with me, so together we can smile and create a happy world.


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