A Comb

From the time of your first breath, outside your mother’s womb.
Till the time you take your last one and your body’s buried in a tomb.
You’ll always need to set your hair, with the help of a comb.

Base of this comb is a shaft
made up of two thick ends,
which holds rows of teeth having different sizes,
some of them are sturdy while some may just bend.

Combs come in different sizes, some are small while some are big
They consist of rows of teeth, some are so thin while some a bit thick.
The thick ones are to untangle and to take proper care,
While the thin ones are to clean up and to style your hair.

The comb’s structure represents the journey of our life,
Birth and Death being the two ends of this shaft.
The teeth being your friends, foes, family and wife
Thick and thin rows, just like two sided paddles, used to run a raft.

Whenever it feels like things aren’t working out,
Your heart emits  just judgments and doubts
Be like those rows whose teeth are thick,
Do it in time before the problem gets big,
Stay away from people, give yourself some space,
Or you may feel low and that reflects on your face.

Whenever things are OK, but you want to improve,
Feel the Euphoria, you want to dance, you want to groove.
Remember those rows whose teeth are so thin,
Come close to your friends, it’s always a win-win
Be kind, be generous and initiate the talk,
Not just trips and brunches, but even those small walks.
Stay close to good people, as they design your lifestyle.
They expect nothing from you, always greet them with a smile.

Each and every one that you meet is like a teeth of this comb,
Using those thick rows,
untangle those hypocrites who create burden,
And by using those thin rows,
style and mold your life by coming close to Influencers.


6 thoughts on “A Comb

  1. Looking at the topic i thought it would be some funny poem, but by the end, i m speechless. Kyati lave che aava vichar yaar?? Heads off..


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