When to be silent and When to speak!

Today, I chose to remain silent.
Today, I feel so happy to lose.
Today, I just want to adore your smile.
Trusting and accepting everything that you say,
after-all…. there’s no reason to doubt or refuse.

I prefer to be silent as I don’t like fights.
Tears rolling down the cheeks and those sleepless nights.
You turned out a demon pushing me deep into darkness,
All I tried was to be your savior, helping you shine like that loyal light.
Damn, I can’t be silent anymore, I need to break my silence
And speak up as I know what’s happening is not right.

Maybe our friendship may never take this flight.
Maybe I’ll never be able to hug you so tight.
Maybe it’s the last time we meet tonight.
Maybe we’ll never be in the center of spotlight.
Maybe no more pictures in your IG highlights.
But the truth shall remain, no matter how hard you try to gaslight.
And my love, I’ll always try to speak up in time,
as I pray for you and your future to be bright.


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