In this quarantine, it’s difficult to meet people interact with them and to have fun together. But who are we? Human beings. We are renowned to find a solution for every problem. This being just the half truth, we are also renowned to create a problem out of nothing too.

So how do most of the people overcome this problem, mostly by playing an online game Ludo. A few months back who would have thought that this game will be the main source of having fun together. The last generation of  kids who would have played real Ludo board game must have been from the 90s, I was one of them too.

So how exactly do we play Ludo, it’s a game where 4 people come together to see who is first to reach the destination i.e. our home. The four common colors being Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. Each of these belong to individual players, apart from which everyone has 4 tokens at their base. These tokens have to complete an entire round across the board and finally reach home. How do we proceed then, how do the tokens move? They move with the help of a dice roll. If we get a 6, we can remove 1 token out of our base and further we can move it further based on the numbers we get on our dice roll. Finally the one who is first to take all his tokens to their destination wins the game. But wait, we are humans, we don’t play such simple games.

Apart from this there is a rule which states that you can kill the token of other players, how do we kill, by getting the exact no. so that our token lands at a place where our opponents token already exists. There are some places too on the board where tokens can not be killed. So that’s it about the game Ludo but don’t you think we’ve made out lives like a game of Ludo as well?

Everyone in their life has 4 tokens named, Career, Family, Friends and Self. Everyone is on a journey with these four tokens and trying hard to reach their perceived destinations. This Ludo of life is not just restricted to 4 color/people, all of us play it together as in life we meet people who show us colors we’ve never even imagined before. Just like Ludo at some point our tokens are killed and at some other point we kill someone’s tokens to move further towards our destination. But this destination that we are trying so hard to reach, does it even exist? All of us can lead simple lives by having no expectations, no demands, no jealousy, no hatred but we bring all these things in and make our simple lives so complex.

Play Ludo, have fun with friends but remember don’t make your life a game of Ludo, try to keep it as simple as you can because in life you’ve to reach no destination, you just have to enjoy the serenity and simplicity of this beautiful journey.


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