Samosa is incomplete without chatni(sauce).
Pizza is incomplete without cheese.
Pav Bhaji is incomplete without butter.
Jeera-rice is incomplete without dal fry.
Manchow soup is incomplete without fried noodles.
Dabeli is incomplete without masala peanuts.
Fafda is incomplete without Jalebi.
Idli is incomplete without sambhar.
Medu vada is incomplete without rassam.
Vada pav is incomplete without sukha(dry) chatni.
French fries are incomplete without ketchup.
Khichdi is incomplete without chaas(butter-milk).
Gulab jamun is incomplete without chasni.
A Cup of tea is incomplete without sugar.
Summers are incomplete without nimbu pani(lemonade).
Winters are incomplete without hot chocolate.

No there won’t be anything romantic here now.
I won’t write,”I am incomplete without you“.
All these food are so yummy and tasty
But if even one thing is missing you’ll not get that feel.
So be aatmanirbhar (self dependent) just like a Thepla
This dish is not dependent on anything
You can have it with multiple things,
even if there’s nothing among these available,
you can always eat it as it is,
still it tastes delicious.
So be like a Thepla,
Do not depend upon anyone for anything,
Earn yourself, take care of your own health, cook yourself
Learn through your own experiences
and never ever forget to love yourself.


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