To be Selfish-In a good way

In today’s world, it’s hard to distinguish
Who’s on our side and who’s just selfish.
No person appreciates a selfish lad
But is being selfish really that bad?

It’s all in your mind, how you perceive
I’m not at all trying to deceive
I’m delivering a message, I hope you’ll receive
Being Selfish ain’t that bad, you’ll surely believe.

Selfish is the one who just thinks of one’s own self,
They don’t care about anyone, not even an Elf.

But what does this ‘self’ mean to you?
Self may mean just self,
like I, Me and myself.
Self may mean you and your loved one,
You may look after each other and care about thyself.
Self may mean you and your family,
Staying together under one roof being kind hearted
and helping each other out is an achievement in itself.
Self may mean you and the entire universe,
You may consider each and everyone as one,
as small little spread out parts of your own self.

Whom do you consider self,
how much are they in numbers?
If it’s just one, if it’s just you,
You are bound to do blunders
The more your coverage, more relief for you
Together you’re bound to create wonders.


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