‘To perceive by the ear’
Is how we define hear
A few friends are near
There’s nothing to fear
You feel the same my dear?
But one thing must be clear!

Are they attentive in your small walks
Do they really listen when you try to speak
Are they the only one who do all the talk,
Does it seem right? Ain’t the conversation weak?

It takes two hands to clap,
Both are at fault.
Root being communication gap
Both try to vault.

If you’re the one who speaks a lot,
try to calm down, learn how to listen.
You may be unable to do it on the spot,
give yourself time, you’re not on a mission.

Listen, not just to give a reply,
Apply your mind, try to understand.
Else without wings you will try to fly,
Or try to grow Kharif crops on barren land.

How will you know their point of view?
What’s in their mind? you’ll have no clue.
People so calm are very few..
Respect them or you’ll have to start from new.

Be attentive, try to be a good listener…
To keep your bond strong, be calm like menthol
Be consistent, your friendship will last forever
As if attached with the adhesive, Fevicol.


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