It’s okay to make mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes
After-all we are just normal human beings
Some things go right, some things go wrong
Sometimes we care less, sometimes we are a bit mean.

It’s okay to make mistakes
By doing so, we learn a lot
No one does it knowingly, they’re often unintentional
We may not identify it on the spot.

It’s okay to make mistakes
But its consequences you can not neglect
Health, Wealth and a whole lot’s at stake
But do not worry as no one is perfect.

It’s okay to make mistakes
But once made, the right thing is to accept
The more you delay, the worse it’ll get
Ensure you’re not too late, or you’ll lose someone’s respect

It’s okay to make mistakes
Accept it within time and problems will minimize
To look in their eyes won’t be easy,
Take a few deep breaths.. and Apologize.

It’s okay to make mistakes
But hiding them is a big crime
You’ll hurt others, you’ll lose their trust
Your relations may get sour like a lime
Be strong, face the truth and accept your mistakes
Doing so will lead you towards better times.


To be Selfish-In a good way

In today’s world, it’s hard to distinguish
Who’s on our side and who’s just selfish.
No person appreciates a selfish lad
But is being selfish really that bad?

It’s all in your mind, how you perceive
I’m not at all trying to deceive
I’m delivering a message, I hope you’ll receive
Being Selfish ain’t that bad, you’ll surely believe.

Selfish is the one who just thinks of one’s own self,
They don’t care about anyone, not even an Elf.

But what does this ‘self’ mean to you?
Self may mean just self,
like I, Me and myself.
Self may mean you and your loved one,
You may look after each other and care about thyself.
Self may mean you and your family,
Staying together under one roof being kind hearted
and helping each other out is an achievement in itself.
Self may mean you and the entire universe,
You may consider each and everyone as one,
as small little spread out parts of your own self.

Whom do you consider self,
how much are they in numbers?
If it’s just one, if it’s just you,
You are bound to do blunders
The more your coverage, more relief for you
Together you’re bound to create wonders.

Corona-virus : A love story

I am Corona-virus
And I’m in love with Indians
Trust me, they’re so good
I fell in love at first sight.

Yes, I’m possessive and hungry for humans
It feels great to be in control
and to show my dominance over people.

I expressed my feelings on 30th January
Initially I had difficulties expressing myself,
I was unable to leave my mark on Indians.
Yes, I was struggling… but i kept trying
Slowly and steadily I penetrated Indians
Finally, my efforts were showing results
Indians seemed to be accepting me.

By 22nd March,
more than 360 Indians fell in love with me
7 of them even sacrificed their lives for me.
I absolutely loved this power over Indians.

As much as I love Indian people,
I hate their PM Narendra Modi
I had just started to get in power
and this guy declared a 14 hour curfew.
I considered myself very strong,
But this guy made me doubt myself.
I started to fear this guy.

Just like me, even this guy loved Indian people.
I was demoralized looking at the support of Indians for him.
1.3 billion people clapping and appreciating the work of nurses and doctors,
Banging spoons on plates and ringing bells
This brought me on my knees and tears in my eyes.

Well this was just the beginning of the fight..
One day went quiet, I thought I avoided the storm,
And the next day, this guy dropped a huge bomb.
He knew just 14 hours is not the right way,
So he called for a lock-down, that too for 21 days.
This guy irritated me, yes I was jealous
Will I lose so early in the fight for my love.

When we’re in love with someone, we want to stay in touch,
We are willing to give time to get close to them,
To spread my love, all I wanted was Indians to come close.
But in each love story there is a hindrance,
who is commonly known as girl’s male best friend.
He is the one who creates distance between two loved ones,
In my case, this male best friend was none other than social distancing.
Till the time Indians followed Social distancing,
There was no way I could spread my love in Indians.

Where there’s a devil, there’s always an angel
Well, I found mine in form of some stupid yet lovely Indian people.
Some threw stones on doctors, who were fighting against me.
Some were adamant with their religious beliefs, they didn’t follow the protocol.
Some considered me insignificant, they ignored every government’s order.
Some just wanted to show their swag, in return who got a nice stick on their back.

To get what you love, you need to fight against all odds,
But you will be destroyed in the end, if it results in a loss.
Love is the greatest power, it’s meant to create happiness,
The ones who use it for selfish reasons, karma punishes them in the end.
For now I have power, for now I show supremacy
But I know my love is selfish, it’s no long when Indians will leave me.

Now I know that I’m wrong, it’s wrong to take lives,
But that’s the only way I love, after all I’m a deadly virus.
I realize that it’s not working, we need to break up.
But I can’t help it from my side….
Take necessary precautions,
Wear a mask when going out,
Avoid gathering in public,
Wash hands frequently and sanitize them.
You Indians need to put efforts my love
You need to fight this individually and still stay together
My love….


Heaps of anime out there; Pokemon you must have herd of.
Brock’s strong rock type Onix; Misty’s cute little Togepi.
Everyone’s favorite Pikachu; the heart of Pokemon Master Ash…
Whose first catch after an intense fight was the insect type Caterpie.
Her strings immobilize the opponent; making it difficult to move or act;
She evolved into Butter-free(which is a Butterfly);so let’s finally talk about that.

Butter, a delicious ingredient, a crucial part of Indian dining…
We can walk, run, jump and swim; but without wings, can we fly?
Even that is possible these days, catch a plane and go sky diving…
These two words combined we get an adorable insect, a ‘Butterfly’.

Insects are creepy and crawly;
Butterfly, an exception, looks so pretty.
It’s easy to spot them in the nature;
But you’ll hardly find one in a city.

Like ice-creams and sundaes available in different flavors;
Butterflies are seen world-wide in more than thousand colors.
From magnificent red to cool and calming blue;
From mother nature’s green to sun bright yellow;
From refreshing fruity orange to lovely baby pink;
From charming flowery violet to earthly dark brown;
From omnipresent black to omnipotent white.
Be it any color, a butterfly’s always a pleasant sight.

Like t-shirts; butterflies too come in different sizes.
Like pictures from a kaleidoscope; they do have different patterns.
Like variants of flower vases; they come in different shapes.
Like humans belong to various castes and creeds;
Butterflies too are categorized into ‘n’ no. of breeds.

Some moments become memories; there need not be a reason..
A lovely couple of butterflies being one of them, which I came across this summer season.
Just like a butterfly, I hope even humans had no attachments.
You too my friend can be like a butterfly, just try to practice detachment.

When you’ve got just one chance and the stakes are high;
The situation is just like catching a beautiful butterfly.
Forget the ‘anxiety‘ stay in the present;
Give all your effort and just cherish the moment.😇

Butterflies roam around, they hardly stay still.
They roam from,
garden to garden; flower to flower;
valley to valley; tree to tree…
Humans should adopt this quality and try to chill.

Some consider butterfly to be a lucky charm;
Some say they contain the soul of our lost loved ones;
Some consider a butterfly to be an omen;
When they are seen in bulk; especially the black ones.
Stop!!!! Let these butterflies just be butterflies.🥰

Gujarati’s call it a ‘Patangio’;
Marathi’s will say ‘Fulpakhru’;
In Hindi we call it a ‘Titli’.
It soothes one’s broken heart,
It lights up a fire in the spirit,
A good pet name…, for a loved one specially. 💖

Some butterflies use camouflage to hide,
to protect itself from becoming a prey.
Let’s divide our feelings into black🖤 and white🤍,
problem arises when we let them be grey.

People these days are sad😔 and are vulnerable to plenty;
Finding happiness😀 seems as tough as coming out of a maze.
You can chose to stay bright, you can chose to stay strong;
And admire a butterfly, to bring a smile😊 on everyone’s face.

Admire an Eagle🦅 if you aim high to touch the sky,
But to become a reason for someone’s happiness,
Be like a Butterfly🦋!!
Be like a Butterfly🦋!

🌧Walk in the rain🌧

Sometimes I wonder, ‘why do we have to entertain!!’
Those people we know, who’ll just cause us pain…💔
We give all our effort, till there’s no more energy left to drain,😓
Maybe it’s just our hope which tells us that nothing will go in vain.😄😄

Imagine they’re gone, instantly we’ll go insane!!😨
Heart starts to feel like it’s stuck inside a hurricane..🌪🌪
There’s no hand left now to hold on and form a chain,🤝
Everything is so crystal clear, still we want to refrain.

Never think everything’s lost, there’ll always be something that we’ll sustain,😊
Heart might break into pieces, it may paralyze or numb our brain…
There’s a lot of love inside us, a guard for our self-respect we must maintain..💖
Let’s go out, love ourselves first, initiating it with a silent walk in the rain.🥰😇🌧