Gifting💝 a chocolate🍫

I am one of those people who is crazy for chocolates🍫
But I have never been that charming one
who gets chocolates from girls on birthdays
I’ve always been shy and at a distance from girls.

But this nature of mine has been a blessing in disguise
So what if you’re not offered chocolates,
You love it so you can always buy it for yourself.
I am fond of eating, sharing and gifting chocolates.
I see it as a tool to create and spread happiness.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and divides it into half
She gives me a choice to select which half do I want
She acknowledges my efforts and appreciates the same
She believes in balance of giving and taking
I will most probably be happy with her.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and removes fruits and nuts
She offers rest of the chocolate to me,
She is the one who looks for mutual benefits
She believes in win-win situations
We will always encourage each other and grow together.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and starts eating the chocolate
She offers a piece with a smile and takes a pic of us
She cares for me as well as the chocolate
She believes in these gifts as a form of memory
We will argue and fight and will find happy moments.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She gets excited and puts it in her pocket
She goes home and eats the entire chocolate alone
She forgets about us when there is chocolate in-front
Maybe she is a selfish girl with mean motives.
Or maybe she is yet another chocolate lover like me💝.


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