Are you really Rich ?

They travel in private jets and speedy super-cars
Weekend nights are spent at pubs and bars
They cast superiority by smoking those cigars
Those costly clothes and accessories to hide their scars

Long discussions in meetings, attending seminars
Exploring ways to earn wealth, be it Rupee, Dollar or Dinar
Every element of their homes, so branded, so stellar
Outdoor stays are at hotels, rated not less than 5-stars.

Thousands of likes on social media, for that pic with a Guitar
It is nothing more than one of its many fake avatars
Gathered millions of wealth, yet their hearts are just like empty jars
Enjoyed every lavish luxury, happiness yet to be experienced so far.

Accumulating resources never makes us happy
We stray from our path and start to become greedy

To be rich, ‘How to share?’ is the lesson we must learn
Without sharing you can’t be rich,
It’s irrelevant the amount of money which we earn
Always keep giving as much as you can,
Happiness and Satisfaction will be your rewards in return

In cricket, what matters is the 22 yards pitch
Share as much as you can no matter how much you have,
And I promise my friend, you’ll surely feel Rich


River, Sea and Sewer

They call me a river, I’m always active and running
With my help, the fresh water keeps flowing
They call me sacred and pure as my nature is to give
Sweet consumable water without which you can not live.

They call me a sea, I’m enormous and huge
I contain a lot of water, yet it is of no use
I accumulate a lot, is that my fault ?
Why is my water, so full of salt?

They call me a sewer, I have a very unpleasant smell
My water will make you sick and ring doctor’s door-bell
My water is so stagnant, it hardly ever flows
I feel so useless, I feel so low…

Don’t be like a sewer, you’ll always be restless
You’ll sit and do nothing, to others you’ll be helpless
Don’t be like a sea, You’ll just take, collect and gather
It’ll make your relations bitter, ain’t it a serious matter?

You can always choose to be like a river,
Install acts of warmth and delete the cold shivers..
To give and share whatever you have,
shows your generosity, your gratitude.
Keep doing these acts of kindness,
spreading happiness and love is a beautiful attitude.

GiftingšŸ’ a chocolatešŸ«

I am one of those people who is crazy for chocolatesšŸ«
But I have never been that charming one
who gets chocolates from girls on birthdays
I’ve always been shy and at a distance from girls.

But this nature of mine has been a blessing in disguise
So what if you’re not offered chocolates,
You love it so you can always buy it for yourself.
I am fond of eating, sharing and gifting chocolates.
I see it as a tool to create and spread happiness.

When I gift her a chocolatešŸ«,
She accepts it and divides it into half
She gives me a choice to select which half do I want
She acknowledges my efforts and appreciates the same
She believes in balance of giving and taking
I will most probably be happy with her.

When I gift her a chocolatešŸ«,
She accepts it and removes fruits and nuts
She offers rest of the chocolate to me,
She is the one who looks for mutual benefits
She believes in win-win situations
We will always encourage each other and grow together.

When I gift her a chocolatešŸ«,
She accepts it and starts eating the chocolate
She offers a piece with a smile and takes a pic of us
She cares for me as well as the chocolate
She believes in these gifts as a form of memory
We will argue and fight and will find happy moments.

When I gift her a chocolatešŸ«,
She gets excited and puts it in her pocket
She goes home and eats the entire chocolate alone
She forgets about us when there is chocolate in-front
Maybe she is a selfish girl with mean motives.
Or maybe she is yet another chocolate lover like mešŸ’.