A changed friend

My dear friend, you have changed.
Your voice seems to have lost its melody,
it sounds so pale.
As if a Punjabi party song is played
on a D-minor scale.

My dear friend, you have changed.
You used to share how you spent your day and I listened peacefully to reduce your burden.
All I wanted to see you fly.
Now most of the times you’re not in a mood to talk, to my 100 words message,
a small Yes or No is your reply.

My dear friend, you have changed.
I hardly remember our last outing, was it a dinner or a trip?
It’s been a long time span.
I want to see you in person, share chocolates with you, but every time I ask!!
I hear, “Sorry!! But I already have a plan.”

My dear friend, you have changed.
Is this for real or I’m having a bad dream.
You are by my side but it doesn’t feel like we’re a team.

My dear friend, you have changed.
In-fact you were changing everyday when we were together.
Back then I knew where this change is coming from,
so that change didn’t have much of an effect.
And now we see each other after such a huge time gap,
I don’t have a link which leads to this new version of you,
may be that’s the reason now that our hearts don’t connect.


Appreciate Kindness

Some people are so selfless..
They keep spreading love,
They pray for your health and wellness.
No matter if they are broke or their life right now is a mess.

In case if things don’t go as planned,
They try to understand your point of view,
Getting angry at little mistakes,chances are very few..
They first put themselves in your shoe,
Doing this they might get an idea, a clue.

They give you multiple opportunities, they consider you a friend..
Never misuse their kindness, fear the day when their patience comes to an end.

When their trust and faith is broken,
Do you know how much they feel confused ?
They try and analyze where they went wrong,
In the end to find nothing, as they were just misused.

Never overlook those small acts of kindness
Appreciate their efforts aimed at your happiness.
Such loving people you won’t find many
They make you smile for free, you don’t need to spend a penny.

A special friend

A lot of people you see on your weekends
But there’s one person you wish to meet, that one special friend.
It feels like you’re meant for each other, your thoughts and habits, a perfect blend.
She trusts you and knows,”This guy will be on my side, this guy will defend.”

If you don’t like something you say it on her face, no need for fake sympathy, no need to pretend.
Such great is your mutual understanding, you can be your true self knowing she won’t offend.
Perfect clothes for every occasion, she knows what to wear, she knows the current trend.
Be it marriage, birthday party or any occasion, if she’s by your side, you’ll surely attend.

She cries and your body turns numb,
In-front of her demands you have to bend.
Only tears allowed are those of happiness,
wasting them otherwise you’ll never recommend.
She’s always your first priority,
to make her smile you’ll even transcend.
You love her company, you’ve pride on your friendship,
in case she needs support, your hand first extends…

But what if someday she stops choosing you,
will it be all over, will the story end.
She no more feels the same for you,
but to hurt you is not what she intends.
You feel shattered, you feel cheated,
all your efforts invested would yield no dividend…
This leaves you in a state of shock,
no talks, no meetings, no more time together left to spend.

You’re deeply engrossed with that smile on her face,
for that sweet smile only prayers you want to send.
Let her go, forgive her from the bottom of the heart,
if you do so trust me.. you’re a true legend.

A Flute

When your mood is off, when things go wrong,
Just grab your phone and play your favorite song

Although, to medicine, music can not be a substitute
It softens our heart, keeps negative thoughts on mute.
So many instruments taught in an institute
Drums, Piano, Guitar, Violin and the Flute
Flute’s woody notes, so pure, so cute
Melodious enough to solve any dispute
It gives life to a song, different lyrics we can execute
To the inventor of this instrument, a grand salute

Flute’s wooden body so open, so hollow
Just rhythmic openings and the music follows
Try treating your heart, just like a flute
Keep it open and you’ll find the correct route

Empty your heart from attachment, from affinity
Empty your heart from avoidance, from aversion
For an open heart, the limit is infinity
Free yourself and you’ll be your best version.

Love: An Adventure

An adventure is not meant to reach a particular place.
Neither is it meant to achieve a target or a certain goal,
Nor is it done to see who’ll be first to reach the top or who completes it in the shortest time.

When you go out on an adventure.
You completely live the adventure.
You fall in love with each and every part of the journey, be it good or bad.

You fall in love with the small hotels and restaurants,
You fall in love with the local food which they provide.
You fall in love with the roads that take you to the starting point of that tough climb.
You create a great bond with the fellow people who accompany you in the adventure.

You love the view of those huge tall mountains
You love all those different variety of trees
You fall in love with different shades of Green
You love the soil, and its smell.
You adore the local people, their cultures, their dress,
their language and of-course all those polite gestures.

You love those sounds of the birds chirping
You love all the songs that you sing along
You love those small breaks where you take a little rest
And gossip on topics no one can even imagine of.
You love that mutual support and understanding,
And the way everyone helps each other out.

In the process you may face some injuries
There’ll be lack of food, water no where to be found,
You’ll feel thirsty and hungry and may want to quit..
As your bodies are tired and on the verge of breaking apart.
But you still love all these adverse situations
As you’re determined to see the view from the mountain top.

It’s not this view which we remember in the end..
All those small moments and memories that stay forever
registered in our mind
that we created on our way to the top.

My love for you is also like an adventure..
I do not demand any right on you
I do not want any control over you
I do not want to own you or get you
Love is not like a mountain top
You don’t achieve or reach someone’s love

Love is rather like a journey, an adventure
You live each and every moment of it..
You love your first eye contact with her..
You love the dress that she wore when you first met her…
You love the intense color of her long dense hair
You love her ever-shining liquidy eyes
You fall in love with each and every aspect of her face..
her perfect face cut,
her sharp eye-brows,
her long eye-lashes,
her geometric nose,
her fluffy cheeks,
her artful ears,
her substantial forehead,
her tiny chin and of-course…
those blooming reddish-pink lips.

You love each and every aspect of her
You love all those moments that you spent together
And even those moments where you couldn’t make it.
You love all the time that she gave you attention and priority
And even those times where you were completely ignored.
You love all her acts that made you smile
you wanted to give her a really tight hug.
You also love those acts which made you angry
you were tempted to give a tight slap on her face.
You love her as she is, be it good or bad.

To get or lose something is a tendency of a trader or a businessman.
You do not trade in love.
Love for sure is not a business.
Love indeed is like a prayer….
You are my love.. I’ll always love you
And no matter that the situation arises
You’ll be in my prayers
And I’ll always pray for you.

Her love for snow

Minus 13 degrees, its teeth-chattering cold..
Mild winter winds sound like a ghoulish roar.
The pathway has lost its path,
Everything’s covered in snow….
A two storeyed wooden farm-house,
Shining a bit with that dark blue glow
Across the road, in front of the balcony..
Is a range of snowy mountains where no one goes..
Dark green hills with narrow and round peeks…
Made of tall pine trees, the residence of ghosts…

A bunch of people, from city are here..
To experience peace and mother nature to explore..
Fights for those blankets;
Fights to stay near the heater;
Fights for those gingerbread cookies;
Will become memories which they will surely adore…

While all are dancing and singing songs..
Playing Chinese whisper and dumb charades..
A girl thinks,”It’s not where I belong”
Shivering in the balcony, she stands apart.

She wants to get out of the closed house,
She wants to lie down and play in the snow,
But she also fears the scary night…
The thought of darkness shivers her soul.

Leaning forward in the balcony on that chest high pole.
Taking a sip of hot dark chocolate to fight the cold…
Black winter pants and those boots are on;
Fur of which is thick enough to survive a snowstorm.
She’s holding the cup of hot dark chocolate
with a cute pair of muffins,
Head and ears covered with beanie,
having same color, baby pink.

Inside, wore a thick fleece t-shirt…
Full sleeve, turtle neck, Grey in color.
To deny the chilled breeze to freeze her body,
A good full length red hot Trench Coat covered.
The fitting of her clothes is absolutely on spot..
Her body is totally covered, yet she looks so hot.

From a distance, she’s a Red-velvet cheese cake…
Only parts visible, her face and her neck..
A thin Golden nose ring,
The sexiest Indian thing.
Black round glasses..
Capable of killing masses.
Long dark brown hair,
Skin tone, so fair….

Lower lip has a dark shade of intense red lipstick..
Upper lip and tip of nose is covered with chocolate.
If I was her man, I would’ve grabbed her close,
And kissed her nose, to save that chocolaty droplet.
My heart skips a beat, I can’t control my emotions..
I can stare her for lifetime, if she grants me the permission.

Her eyes are lit up, her face has a smile,
The reason lies above, in the night sky.
The sky is lit up with bright colored fireworks,
It sparks the light within her and kills the darkness..
Neat and tidy, just like her winter clothes..
She cleans her heart and swipes out the cold mess…

Gifting💝 a chocolate🍫

I am one of those people who is crazy for chocolates🍫
But I have never been that charming one
who gets chocolates from girls on birthdays
I’ve always been shy and at a distance from girls.

But this nature of mine has been a blessing in disguise
So what if you’re not offered chocolates,
You love it so you can always buy it for yourself.
I am fond of eating, sharing and gifting chocolates.
I see it as a tool to create and spread happiness.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and divides it into half
She gives me a choice to select which half do I want
She acknowledges my efforts and appreciates the same
She believes in balance of giving and taking
I will most probably be happy with her.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and removes fruits and nuts
She offers rest of the chocolate to me,
She is the one who looks for mutual benefits
She believes in win-win situations
We will always encourage each other and grow together.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She accepts it and starts eating the chocolate
She offers a piece with a smile and takes a pic of us
She cares for me as well as the chocolate
She believes in these gifts as a form of memory
We will argue and fight and will find happy moments.

When I gift her a chocolate🍫,
She gets excited and puts it in her pocket
She goes home and eats the entire chocolate alone
She forgets about us when there is chocolate in-front
Maybe she is a selfish girl with mean motives.
Or maybe she is yet another chocolate lover like me💝.

🌧Walk in the rain🌧

Sometimes I wonder, ‘why do we have to entertain!!’
Those people we know, who’ll just cause us pain…💔
We give all our effort, till there’s no more energy left to drain,😓
Maybe it’s just our hope which tells us that nothing will go in vain.😄😄

Imagine they’re gone, instantly we’ll go insane!!😨
Heart starts to feel like it’s stuck inside a hurricane..🌪🌪
There’s no hand left now to hold on and form a chain,🤝
Everything is so crystal clear, still we want to refrain.

Never think everything’s lost, there’ll always be something that we’ll sustain,😊
Heart might break into pieces, it may paralyze or numb our brain…
There’s a lot of love inside us, a guard for our self-respect we must maintain..💖
Let’s go out, love ourselves first, initiating it with a silent walk in the rain.🥰😇🌧