A Flute

When your mood is off, when things go wrong,
Just grab your phone and play your favorite song

Although, to medicine, music can not be a substitute
It softens our heart, keeps negative thoughts on mute.
So many instruments taught in an institute
Drums, Piano, Guitar, Violin and the Flute
Flute’s woody notes, so pure, so cute
Melodious enough to solve any dispute
It gives life to a song, different lyrics we can execute
To the inventor of this instrument, a grand salute

Flute’s wooden body so open, so hollow
Just rhythmic openings and the music follows
Try treating your heart, just like a flute
Keep it open and you’ll find the correct route

Empty your heart from attachment, from affinity
Empty your heart from avoidance, from aversion
For an open heart, the limit is infinity
Free yourself and you’ll be your best version.


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