You can not…

You can not add more black to the Demonic Darkness
You can not add more white to the Luminous Light
You can not add more green to the Nourishing Nature

You do not give heat to the Shining Sun
You do not give water to those Outrageous Oceans
You do not give sand to those Dreadful Deserts

You can not write on a page already filled with words
You can not add water to a pot already filled till its top
You can not add data to a memory device filled to its last byte

In the same way,
You can not add love to a heart
filled with attractions, attachments and desires,
Enormous expectations and whopping wants
ever increasing like forest fires.

Keep no expectations, learn to be smart
Let go of everything, keep an open heart
Practice detachment, making space for oneself is an art
Then finally you shall know what real love is,
A dish….. sweeter than a Honey Tart


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