The Careless Gardener

A young skillful Gardener, possibly in his teens
Owned a little garden, so graceful, so green
The entrance so attractive, with a florid glossy gate
An eye-catching view, literally no one could ever hate.
Interior so satisfying, symmetrically arranged bushes and plants
Source of funds for such rich items? maybe government grants.

Lily, Tulip, Iris and Bluebell
Daffodil, Dandelion and Daisy
These vibrant vibes once felt,
You’ll never again feel lazy.
Ravishing Red, Velvety Violet, Blooming Blue
Butterflies roaming around, with such a shiny hue.

Every element of the garden, so delicate, so fragile.
Each one on its own with the capability to bring a smile.
To be sustainable, it required proper care and attention
Even a small mistake could result in disaster, a destruction

He wanted to travel, to visit places unknown
He left on a voyage, leaving the garden on its own.
While he was away, the city witnessed a lot of rain
His garden had vanished, all his efforts went in vain.

On returning, sight of the garden
brought stress and tension of all sorts
Only thing left over,
withered flowers and muddy plots.

A note to those who love something or someone
The thought of losing them raises your hair,
A picture of whose, forever you can stare
To damage or hurt them, you wont even dare
Devote your time towards them, show that you care
Keep fulfilling your duties and in the end
That someone or something
will always be there…


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