Often times in life, we come across situations
where we have to make a choice, a difficult one.
Our mind gets confused, it’s this state of dilemma
where picking one from many is so cumbersome.

We try our best, we give it all that we can
we do analysis and comparison,
we see every aspect, we do a detailed scan
Ugh! It’s better to be in a prison.

If we’re unsure, we ask for opinions,
from experienced and beloved ones,
some of them help us take correct actions,
While others just give even more options..

But these are not the only sources of opinions,
we get them every day, everywhere and for everything,
Relatives who don’t know our likes and dislikes,
will suggest us what careers we need to pursue..
Those so called friends, we just met a while ago,
will judge us on our looks, ”you should try something new.”
People who don’t know a thing about our relationships,
say, “you’re almost 30, marry soon”, like who are you?

No matter how difficult are the conditions
No matter how bad you need to get out of this trouble,
Opinions are just guidelines, not the base for your decisions,
Even if you go wrong, to yourself you must always stay humble..
For people to have and give opinions has become a tradition,
They think they are being smart, but in fact they are being horrible.
Don’t ask for much opinions, or it’ll become your addiction,
Trust your instinct and everything will be clear and visible.


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