Failed Generosity

In a small old village, many years back..
A frail potter lived, in a shaggy sneaky shack.
For living he made articles of clay…
Unequaled in his art, one must say

To get himself and his art recognized…
By the crossroads; opened a stand; everything was organized.
The target was set; he threw the dart,
That small stand suddenly felt like D-Mart.
Sales increased day-by-day; everything so instantaneous,
Received awards and medals; his art was that precious.

He made a flower vase; one with a swirl…
This indeed caught attention of a beautiful young girl.
Like a mellifluous tone made with a flute…
Eyes filled with curiosity; her face,‘so cute’
The girl now became his source of motivation;
Art work was now prepared as per her specification.

He fell in love with her at the speed of light….
He envisioned their future together; it looked so bright.
She came close to him; as she loved his art..
He went close as he loved her from the bottom of his heart.
He: Expressed his love for her; promised he’ll never let her cry…
She: Let’s be just friends for now, maybe later we’ll give it a try.

The potter agreed; he didn’t want to lose such a friend…
The girl was in fear, “supply of art pieces might end”.
They met, they laughed, they had so much stupid fun
Those experiences and memories still stay second to none.

There came a period without orders, no messages, no talks…
A day seemed like a decade, no meetings, no walks.
He: “It’s her birthday, let’s make a special gift..”
She: “It’s my birthday, how did you even think we’ll meet!!”

Is it for real, is it an illusion…
The potter wanted to meet her and come to a conclusion.
She loved someone else; the potter gave a smirk…
In some time he lost his cool; things went berserk.

Frustrated and angry; unaware of what went wrong…
In a jukebox full of enthusiasm; there were only sad songs.
He stopped making articles; even destroyed his masterpiece…
They broke into sharp edges; his heart was breached.

Gathering those pieces back; his hands were badly hurt…
His artwork now seemed as good as another piece of dirt.
She says that he’s important; he’s the one she’ll always adore….
Maybe she can talk to ghosts…. as he’s..
not the same person anymore…
not the same person anymore…..

A Message:
No matter how bad things go; you’ll get what you deserve.
It’s always right to make others happy; just self-respect you must preserve.


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