You smile I smile

A farmer is not known for how fertile or big his land is.
He is known for the quality of his crops.
A tailor is not known for what type of cloth he has to work with.
He is known for the beautiful dress that he makes out of it.
A carpenter is not known for the type of wood which he uses.
He is known for his comfortable furniture and fittings.
A musician is not known for the instruments which he plays.
He is known for the music that he creates out of it.
A painter is not known for the types of colors which he uses.
He is known for the serene picture that he paints on his canvas.

So my friends, what do you want yourself to be known for?
You may enter into someone’s life at different phases.
It doesn’t matter if it was formal or informal.
It doesn’t matter if it was day or night.
It doesn’t matter if it was in person or in a group.
It doesn’t matter if it was planned or accidental.
It doesn’t matter whether you were happy or sad.
It doesn’t matter whether they were happy or sad.
But one thing which matters is…
No matter how much we want them or like them.
We can’t keep everyone in our life forever.

There’ll be times when some of them may leave us,
If they’ve decided to leave, they’ll leave.
you may hard to keep them in your life,
you may accept all their conditions,
you may give them excuses when there are none,
But one day, you’ll be exhausted,
you won’t be able to take it anymore.
So why to take all these efforts?
Whenever someone wants to leave,
Do as they say, let them go,
Say good bye with a hug and a smile.
As they may forget everything that you did,
every word that you said or every gift that you gave,
But they’ll never forget how good
and how comfortable you made them feel.


A special friend

A lot of people you see on your weekends
But there’s one person you wish to meet, that one special friend.
It feels like you’re meant for each other, your thoughts and habits, a perfect blend.
She trusts you and knows,”This guy will be on my side, this guy will defend.”

If you don’t like something you say it on her face, no need for fake sympathy, no need to pretend.
Such great is your mutual understanding, you can be your true self knowing she won’t offend.
Perfect clothes for every occasion, she knows what to wear, she knows the current trend.
Be it marriage, birthday party or any occasion, if she’s by your side, you’ll surely attend.

She cries and your body turns numb,
In-front of her demands you have to bend.
Only tears allowed are those of happiness,
wasting them otherwise you’ll never recommend.
She’s always your first priority,
to make her smile you’ll even transcend.
You love her company, you’ve pride on your friendship,
in case she needs support, your hand first extends…

But what if someday she stops choosing you,
will it be all over, will the story end.
She no more feelsĀ the same for you,
but to hurt you is not what she intends.
You feel shattered, you feel cheated,
all your efforts invested would yield no dividend…
This leaves you in a state of shock,
no talks, no meetings, no more time together left to spend.

You’re deeply engrossed with that smile on her face,
for that sweet smile only prayers you want to send.
Let her go, forgive her from the bottom of the heart,
if you do so trust me.. you’re a true legend.