Do not quit

So it was just a couple of days back where I felt a bit low as I was not that satisfied with the quality of my poems or short stories. I felt as if it’s not working. I’m unable to deliver my message to the audience. I was about to take a break and quit this 30 days – 30 posts challenge.

It was day 27 and both the hands of the clock aiming at 11. I had just finished my dinner, a late one indeed. Frustrated a bit with the lockdown and an immensely strong feeling overtook me where I wanted to go out and give some tight hugs to my friends and loved ones. So when you are not happy from within, how can you bring a smile on someone else’s face? I had the same thought too! But then I read some of the poems that I wrote earlier for you guys and I was amazed with my progress. But still I had a creepy feeling that will I really be able to make my readers smile…?

I’m a huge fan of the author Najwa Zebian. A quote of her came to my mind which reads as follows, “The mountains that you’re carrying, you’re only supposed to climb.” So I said the same words to myself, I spoke in a very polite tone with myself and reminded myself, “It’s worth writing those words even if it brings a small little smile on the face of even one of my friends.” I was aware that there are some friends of mine who no matter what happens, do read my posts so I did write and most importantly I was able to overcome my insecurities and fear just by having a short positive conversation with myself.

So whenever you fear something or you feel insecure, do not quit. Never give up untill the last moment and if you do so, the result may or may not be positive but those efforts, they’ll definitely bring a big smile on your face.


The Sun will rise

When the sunsets and it starts getting dark and cold,
With a cup of coffee, the feelings of fear and anxiety that you hold…..

Close your eyes, calm down and take breaths little deep,
Tell these things to yourself, before you go to sleep…,

“Heartbreaks, empty pockets, lost best friends, everything I will survive..
Till the time there’s a ray of hope and belief within me alive.

Lay down, take the blanket and sleep with smile,
Butterflies will again amaze you, the birds will chirp in rhyme…
Roses and Lilies will shine again, there will be bright light,
Your heart will feel warm again,
The sun will rise..
The sun will rise…