We’ll see better days

This one is specially for my family members, for people from my society and community

To face this difficult and burdensome situation, let’s move towards unity.
After all, togetherness has always been the strength of our Kutchi Bramhakshatriya community.

Some of our families are in Kutch, while others here in Mumbai City.
Major earning source being furniture work, for all those I feel pity.

Some do jobs, some have their businesses,
But in this pandemic, everyone’s in a mess.
Everyone is worried, mind is full of stress,
Overthinking When will this end? leading to sickness,
When will I buy my daughter a new dress,
My son’s not feeling good, he’s jobless,
Gyms are shut down, I’ve lost my fitness,
When will a stranger stop his car, and ask me for someone’s address,
When would our teachers again call us shameless,
Those cheesy acts in front of our crush, just to impress,
The feel of catching that running train, words just can’t express…
And the commentary,”Rohit’s pulled that for a 6 here at wankhede, it’s MI’s fortress.”
Keep you spirits high and trust the process.
Don’t lose faith, there will be progess.
We are kutchi after all, invincible and fearless,
Every male is a hero, every female is a princess,
We’ll stay in touch and eliminate each others weakness,
We’ll again arrange picnics where fun will be limitless,
We’ll have that cricket tournament, where our attitude is merciless,
We’ll again arrange for community meetings and complain,”food is tasteless
We’ll have garba and dandiya again and take blessings from our goddess,
Our good deeds never go fruitless,
Be calm till then, practice kindness,
Our life will soon be smooth and flawless.
Coronavirus will end soon, we will see better days..