Simple or Easy ?

Simple and Easy, both of these words are used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing. We’ll if you take my personal opinion, I won’t agree.

Just by reading this, some of you may send me screenshots of definition of both these words and try to prove that both of them mean the same. So before you do that, kindly read my interpretation, you too may agree with my opinion.

What I feel is that we use the word Simple first and the events which occur thereafter may be easy or difficult.

For instance, you want Pav Bhaji for dinner, so how will you make sure you get it done? You’ll first of all decide, “Who can make Pav Bhaji at home?”, Ofcourse it’s your Mom, so you’re done with the first step, you know who can make your favourite dish for dinner, it was quite a simple answer i.e. Mom, now you’ll want to ask your Mom to make Pav Bhaji, as you are so close to each other, the process of requesting you Mom to make it for you is so easy.

Now let’s analyze one more scenario, you are a Boy and lately you’ve fallen in love with a cute looking Girl. So the first step, what will you try to do? Well.. before you start to dream about all your crushes and how you’ve approached them, let’s move towards my point. If you’re in love you just have to approach the girl and tell her that you love her. This thought is simple, this is what we should do. But is it really that easy to approach an unknown person and express your feelings? There’s a constant feeling of nervousness, you don’t want to hurt that Girl, you have no idea how she will react, you’re not even aware whether she feels the same for you or not, you’ve not interacted much, so you don’t know her completely either. Is she trustworthy, is she really a kind of person you think she is or is she just pretending? In a short time you could never know the truth. So it’s simple that you must express your feelings but the process here my friend is not at all easy.

What I’m trying to express through this is that you may have a temporary infatuation towards someone or something which raises your adrenaline levels, excites you and at that moment you are sure what you want to do, to take a decision at that moment is so simple, but it’s not necessary that the excitement will stay forever. It’s quite simple to say words or make promises but when it’s time to abide by your words or to keep your promise it may not be that easy.

I hope this helps you to take wise decisions. Wish you loads of love and happiness.