Appreciate Kindness

Some people are so selfless..
They keep spreading love,
They pray for your health and wellness.
No matter if they are broke or their life right now is a mess.

In case if things don’t go as planned,
They try to understand your point of view,
Getting angry at little mistakes,chances are very few..
They first put themselves in your shoe,
Doing this they might get an idea, a clue.

They give you multiple opportunities, they consider you a friend..
Never misuse their kindness, fear the day when their patience comes to an end.

When their trust and faith is broken,
Do you know how much they feel confused ?
They try and analyze where they went wrong,
In the end to find nothing, as they were just misused.

Never overlook those small acts of kindness
Appreciate their efforts aimed at your happiness.
Such loving people you won’t find many
They make you smile for free, you don’t need to spend a penny.


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