Heaps of anime out there; Pokemon you must have herd of.
Brock’s strong rock type Onix; Misty’s cute little Togepi.
Everyone’s favorite Pikachu; the heart of Pokemon Master Ash…
Whose first catch after an intense fight was the insect type Caterpie.
Her strings immobilize the opponent; making it difficult to move or act;
She evolved into Butter-free(which is a Butterfly);so let’s finally talk about that.

Butter, a delicious ingredient, a crucial part of Indian dining…
We can walk, run, jump and swim; but without wings, can we fly?
Even that is possible these days, catch a plane and go sky diving…
These two words combined we get an adorable insect, a ‘Butterfly’.

Insects are creepy and crawly;
Butterfly, an exception, looks so pretty.
It’s easy to spot them in the nature;
But you’ll hardly find one in a city.

Like ice-creams and sundaes available in different flavors;
Butterflies are seen world-wide in more than thousand colors.
From magnificent red to cool and calming blue;
From mother nature’s green to sun bright yellow;
From refreshing fruity orange to lovely baby pink;
From charming flowery violet to earthly dark brown;
From omnipresent black to omnipotent white.
Be it any color, a butterfly’s always a pleasant sight.

Like t-shirts; butterflies too come in different sizes.
Like pictures from a kaleidoscope; they do have different patterns.
Like variants of flower vases; they come in different shapes.
Like humans belong to various castes and creeds;
Butterflies too are categorized into ‘n’ no. of breeds.

Some moments become memories; there need not be a reason..
A lovely couple of butterflies being one of them, which I came across this summer season.
Just like a butterfly, I hope even humans had no attachments.
You too my friend can be like a butterfly, just try to practice detachment.

When you’ve got just one chance and the stakes are high;
The situation is just like catching a beautiful butterfly.
Forget the ‘anxiety‘ stay in the present;
Give all your effort and just cherish the moment.

Butterflies roam around, they hardly stay still.
They roam from,
garden to garden; flower to flower;
valley to valley; tree to tree…
Humans should adopt this quality and try to chill.

Some consider butterfly to be a lucky charm;
Some say they contain the soul of our lost loved ones;
Some consider a butterfly to be an omen;
When they are seen in bulk; especially the black ones.
Stop!!!! Let these butterflies just be butterflies.弘

Gujarati’s call it a ‘Patangio’;
Marathi’s will say ‘Fulpakhru’;
In Hindi we call it a ‘Titli’.
It soothes one’s broken heart,
It lights up a fire in the spirit,
A good pet name…, for a loved one specially.

Some butterflies use camouflage to hide,
to protect itself from becoming a prey.
Let’s divide our feelings into black and white,
problem arises when we let them be grey.

People these days are sad and are vulnerable to plenty;
Finding happiness seems as tough as coming out of a maze.
You can chose to stay bright, you can chose to stay strong;
And admire a butterfly, to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Admire an Eagle if you aim high to touch the sky,
But to become a reason for someone’s happiness,
Be like a Butterfly!!
Be like a Butterfly!


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